you were a rarity / 
and everyone knew it / 
you walked like a summer rain / 
and you spoke like a flood / 
you consumed me / 
and I embraced drowning in you / 
because your gaze was paralyzing / 
but I never wanted to move / 
you were my habit / 
you were my home / 
and existing in your world / 
was a privilege  

remember when

remember when we could waste the days away / 
live our lives with abandon / 
and relish in our youth / 
but those days are long gone / 
and so are you / 
remember when we would throw rocks at trains / 
steal beer from the drugstore / 
and watch planes on the roof / 
we had nothing to do / 
and nothing to lose / 
remember when you told me I was your best friend / 
that I was all you'd ever need / 
and I believed it, too / 
but that was then / 
and that wasn't you / 
remember when you left without a trace / 
like you were just a sweet dream / 
and I was just a fool / 
you never told me why / 
and nothing is more cruel /